Monday, 6 May 2013

What to do in case of lost of your admit card and you need in the interview

There is a option of duplicate admit card and  the information of that is provided in the given link-:

And the following things you have to done

-A Demand Draft for 250.00 drawn in favour of the “Registrar, IIT Bombay” as a fees for the duplicate scorecard.
-A self addressed A5 size envelope affixing postal stamp worth Rs. 40 on it. 
To the “Chairperson, GATE 2013, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076″

It should take not more than 10 working days to process the request after the request is received in the GATE Office.

Friday, 26 April 2013

List of ranking of NIT's on the basis of parameter of PLACEMENT

Note:This post is only for the computer science students

This table gives the ranking to thr various NIT's and this ranks is alloted on the parameter of palcement for the computer science branch and which is calculated on the basis of past records in these NIT's.

S.No.                                                  PLACEMENT WISE

1.                                         NIT WARANGAL
2.                                       NIT TRICY
3.                                       NIT CALICUT
4.                                       NIT SURATHKAL
5.                                       NIT ALLAHABAD
6.                                       NIT ROURKELA
7.                                       NIT BHOPAL
8.                                        NIT JAMSHEDPUR
9.                                     NIT SURAT
10.                                NIT JAIPUR
11.                                   NIT KURUSHETRA
12.                                 NIT DURGAPUR
13.                                  NIT HAMIRPUR
14.                                 NIT NAGPUR
15.                                   NIT AGARTALA
16.                                  NIT RAIPUR
17.                                     NIT JALANDHAR
18.                                   NIT PATNA
19.                                    NIT SICLHAR
20.                                    NIT SRINAGAR

Amd for other information you can mail the following persons

Dave Dhaval (National Institute of Technology, Warangal)

Mihir Goel (National Institute of Technology, Surat)

Mihir Goel (National Institute of Technology, Surathkal)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Government sector for computer science students

There are quite limited opportunities for the computer science students in this sector which is to be like in the topmost jobs you can apply for are ISRO and DRDO. Yearly they conduct examinations followed by interview.There are also other options like CDAC, HAL, NIC etc. also these public sectors firm offer good pay and privileges.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


From 2013, the GATE score will be computed by a new formula  However for the year 2013, two scores will be provided to a candidate: one based on the old formula and the other based on the new formula

GATE Score new formula (for comparison of gate 2014 score)


GATE Score old formula (for comparison of gate 2013 score)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Books for the preparation of gate for the computer science/IT student


Compilers : Principles, Techniques ,  Alfred V. Aho, Compiler design O.G kakde *


 Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation ,  John E. Hopcroft,
Formal Languages And Automata Theory , K V N Sunitha, N Kalyani *


Operating System Concepts by Galvin,Silberswatz
SCHAUM SERIES , Archer J Harris *


Data StructuresandProgram Designin C++ Prentice Hall ,Robert L. Kruse Alexander
Data Structures (Schaum’s Outline Series) by Seymore Lipshutz *
Fundamentals of Data Structures in C 2nd by  Sartaj Sahni


Digital Logic Design by Morris Mano
Fundamentals of digital circuit by anand kumar *


Computer System Architecture by Morris Mano
fundamental of computer architecture , Mostafa Abd-El-Barr ,Hesham El-Rewini *


 computer networks by andrew s tanenbaum *


Database System Concepts by Korth,Sudershan & Silberswatz
Fundamental Of Database Systems by Elmsari, Navathe
Schaum's Outline of Fundamentals of Relational Databases *


Introduction to Algorithms , CLRS
Algorithms , Dasgupta ,vazirani *


Elements of Discrete Mathematics : C l Liu
Introduction to Graph Theory , Douglas B. West *
Higher Engineering Mathematics B,S grewal  // one serious advise don't read this book crappy book  only good if you already know maths no learning curve.     good alternative for this will be Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

Software/web tech/aptitute/english  is more or less  like general knowledge

Books with * mark after it may not be the best book but they are very easy to understand and will develop your interest  atleast in my case :)

GATE 2014:How to prepare?

1: Gate is having 11-13 subject (if maths properly categoriesed.. other than at least 10 or 11 subject).. So you can get GOOD RANK only when you perform well in all the subject..!! So.. Try to give equal time to all the subject.. No subject is Much much important and no one is least.. !!

2: Do not learn subject much much deply.. just learn the concept.. try to relate that with real life entity.. so that it will be easy to remember.

3: Work continuously.. daily.. bhoot jyada nhi.. max 2 - 3 hours.. but daily.

4: First read the concept.. solve all the previous year papers.. after that solve any tution classes notes.. after that solve timothy Williams.. after that no need to solve any thing else.. just try to grasp all the concept.

5: Do not think like CID (ACP Praduman)... jarur kuchh khas hoga problem me tabhi ye GATE me aaya hai.. etna easy problem nhi aa sakta...:D :D.. Yar, 60% question of GATE are always for average student... 30% question for belove average..!! so jo easy dikhta hai.. wo easy hi hai... easy hi lo..!! maine easy nhi liya top 100 se top 1000 me chala gya..:'( :'( :'(

6: Follow two people properly NIRAJ KANT SINHA and DEEPAK AGRAWAL.. sabse achhi advice yahi milegi...!! aur kabhi kabhi mujh se bhi puch lena.. aur bhut bhi hai.. sab achhi advice hi dete hai...!! :D :D :D

7: It is most important tips..  "TAKE IT EASY.. ye likhna jitna aasan tha GATE us se bhi kahi jyada easy hai... but you have to control your nervous..!!

What is the highest score for CSE branch in gate-2013?

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